‘WINGED PLANET’ (Earthflight)                2013 N&D Emmys             Outstanding Cinematography-Documentary


‘EARTHFLIGHT‘                                       BAFTA 2012                      Nominated:Photography-Factual      

‘ECHO AN UNFORGETABLE ELEPHANT‘               IWFF Missoula 2011:                Best-Shot Award. (Echo’s dying eye)

‘NIGHT OF THE LION‘                                        Wildscreen 2010:                Finalist Panasonic Cinematography Award

‘GREAT RIFT-DER GROBE GRABEN‘                     IWFF, Missoula 2010:               Special Mention for Cinematography

‘SWARM Natures Incredible Invasions‘                RTS 2009:                               Winner Best Cinematography

‘SWAMP CATS‘                                                  IWFF Missoula 2005:                Merit award for Photography

‘THE GREAT THIRSTLAND‘                                 IFVF 2004:                              Silver Screen Award for Cinematography

                                                                       IWFF Missoula 2004:                Merit Award, Cinematography

                                                             The Explores Club 2005:          Best Photography

                                                                       Japan Wildlife FF 2005:           Best Cinematography

‘ROAR-LIONS OF THE KALAHARI‘                        GSCA 2004:                            Nominated for Best Cinematography

                                                                        Wildscreen 2004:                   Finalist for Kodak Cinematography

                                                              Jackson Hole IWFF 2005:        Finalist for Cinematography

‘CURSE OF COPPER‘                                           Montana Cine 2006:                Best Non-Broadcast film

                                                                        IWFF Missoula 2007:                Best Independent Film

                                                                        Jackson Hole IWFF 2007:        Nominated for Best Environmental film