‘Pets - Wild at Heart‘                                            John Downer Productions                                            2014

Filming sequence in Paris, Japan, Peru  and the Camargue using Red Epic. Movi, Car mounts and remote cameras.

‘Animals Like Us‘                                                   John Downer Productions                                            2014

Filming Chimpanzees using Red Epics, GH4, Movi and remote cameras.

‘Great British Bake-Off‘                                          Love Productions                                                        2014

Aerial Filming using Aervolution’s latest Hexacopter UAV.

‘Meganature‘                                                          John Downer Productions                                            2014

Filming Monarch Butterflies in Mexico using Red Epic, Photron, Gimbal, Crane and Hexacopter.

‘Animals Like Us‘                                                    John Downer Productions                                           2013

Filming Meerkats in South Africa using  a Gimbal with Red Epic.

‘Junior Bake-Off‘                                                    Love Productions                                                        2013

Aerial Filming using a Hexacopter UAV. Aervolution Aerial Imaging

New Forest Promotional film                                    Skylark Media                                                            2013

Aerial filming using a Hexacopter UAV. Aervolution Aerial Imaging.

‘Great British Bake-Off‘                                            Love Productions                                                        2013

Aerial filming using a Hexacopter UAV. Aervolution Aerial Imaging

‘Dolphins’ (Working Title)                                         John Downer Productions                                          2013

Filming sequence for this ‘Spy’ Film. Filming on Red Epic.

Location: South Carolina, USA

‘Photographing Africa’ (Working Title)                      Testimony Films                                                        2013

Cameraman on this BBC4 Documentary about Pastoralists in Africa. Cameras, Canon C300 and Panasonic GH3

Locations:  East Africa

‘EARTHFLIGHT 3D‘                                                    John Downer Productions                                          2012

Cameraman on this 3D version of Earthflight. Filming with Red Epics on both Parallel and Mirror rigs.

Locations:  UK, Peru.

EXMOOR- Visitor Centre Film                                    Skylark Media                                                              2012

Filming for this Promotional film for Exmoor National Park. 2x30Sec TV commercials also made.

Location: Exmoor Nat Park, UK

‘SURVIVAL‘  (Working Title)                                       BBC natural History Unit                                            2012

Filmed Chimpanzee sequence in Sengal for this BBC Series. Filming on Red Epics

Location: Senegal

‘EARTHFLIGHT 3D‘                                                    John Downer Productions                                          2012

Cameraman on this 3D version of Earthflight. Filming with Red Epics on both Parallel and Mirror rigs.

Locations:  Mexico, Costa Rica.

RSPB- Wetlands of the Thames Estuary                     RSPB Film Unit                                                           2012

Filming in the Thames Estuary for a film about the possible impact of  London’s ‘Third Airport’

‘PENGUINS- Spy in the HUDDLE‘                                John Downer Productions                                         2011

Filming ‘Making of’ for 3 part Series on Penguins. UK

‘EARTHFLIGHT‘                                                        John Downer Productions                                          2011

Filming various sequences for this 5 part series. Shooting on a Red One camera. High speed on Photron camera.

Location: Kenya, Finland, Tanzania, Turkey, Nepal, Sweden.

‘To The Wonder‘                                                      Terrence Malik                                                            2010

Filmed a Starlight sequence for this T. Malick feature film, with Ammonites Starlight Camera. Worked directly with Mr Malick shooting night scenes for his latest film.

Location: Oklahoma, USA.

‘NIGHT STALKERS‘                                                         Ammonite Ltd                                                              2010

Filming for Ammonite Films for a new series for National Geographic TV. Using Starlight camera and Panasonic P2Varicam.

Location: Kenya.

‘LION WARRIORS‘                                                     Godal Original Productions                                           2010

Filming wildlife sequence for this National Geographic film produced by Kire Godal. Filming on Red One.

Location: Kenya.

‘EARTHFLIGHT‘                                                        John Downer Productions                         2009,2010, 2011

Filming various sequences for this 5 part series. Shooting on a Red One camera. High speed on Photron camera.

Location: Kenya, Finland, Tanzania, Turkey, Nepal, Sweden.

‘NIGHT OF THE LION‘                                               Ammonite Ltd                                                              2009

Filming Lions at night using the latest Starlight and thermal imaging cameras for Ammonite Ltd, for National Geographic.

Location: Maasai Mara, Kenya.

‘THE GREAT RIFT-Africa’s Greatest Story‘                BBC NHU                                                             2008,2009

Filming sequences for this BBC three part series. Servals, Elephants, widow birds, Bongo, Vultures, Flamingos. Filming on Panasonic HD Varicam.

Location: Kenya.

‘GREAT RIFT- Der grobe Graben‘                              Cosmos Film Factory                                                   2008

Filming sequences for this Cosmos Factory Film Production  3 part series on the Rift Valley for ORF, Austria

Filming on Sony HDW 750.

Locations: Udzungwa, Ruaha, Maasai Mara, Turkana, Nakuru.

‘THE GREAT FLOOD’- Natures Great Events              BBCNHU                                                                       2008

Filmed sequences for this BBCNHU production in the Okavango Delta, Botswana

Filming on Panasonic HD Varicam.

Location: Botswana.

‘ELEPHANTS WITHOUT BORDERS‘                             Afriscreen Films                                                           2008

Filmed sequences for this Afriscreen Films Production in Botswana.

Filming on Panasonic HD Varicam.

Location: Botswana.

‘LIFE’  Fish                                                               BBCNHU                                                                       2008

Filmed Hippos at Mazima Springs in Kenya for BBNHU.

Filming on Panasonic HD Varicam.

Location: Kenya.

‘SWARM- Nature’s Incredible Invasions‘                   John Downer Productions                                            2008

Filmed Lake Fly sequence for this John Downer Production film for the BBC.

Filmed on Sony HDW750.

Location: Lake Victoria, Uganda.

‘LIFE’ – Reptiles and Amphibians                              BBC NHU                                                                      2007

Filmed a sequence on Bullfrogs for this BBCNHU 12 part series.

Filming on super 16mm for high speed and Panasonic HD Varicam

Location: Gauteng, South Africa.

‘ELEPHANT DIARIES‘                                                 BBC NHU                                                                      2006

Sync Cameraman on the last episode filming with Michaela Strachan.

Location: Kenya.

‘MANEATERS  LIONS‘                                                Pangolin Pictures                                                         2006

Sync and sequence work for Pangolin Films, USA.

Filming on Sony750 HD.

Location: Tsavo, Kenya.

‘A PLACE IN THE WILD‘                                             Endemol UK                                                                 2006

Sequence cameraman for documentary shot in Kenya for Endemol UK.

Indian Schools                                                          Shake the Tree Productions                                         2006

February 2006

A documentary about an orphanage in India. To be used as an educational film for UK schools.

Location: India

Laikipia Predator Project                                         True Nature Films                                                        2005

An environmental education film for Maasai communities, on conservation issues and the predator crisis in Africa. (Maasai and Swahili versions).

Location: Kenya

‘THE CURSE OF COPPER‘                                          True Nature Films                                                        2005

A True Nature Films production on the effects of a proposed Copper mine in the Cloud forest of Ecuador.

Location: Ecuador, South America.

‘PLANET EARTH‘                                                       BBC NHU                                                                     2005

Sequence work on Flamingoes in Botswana on 35mm; and Camera Assistant for Martyn Colbeck shooting on HD for various sequences in the Okavango Delta, Botswana for this BBC Natural History Unit Production.

Location: Botswana.

‘LAST CHANCE TO SAVE THE RHINO‘                         Tiger Aspect                                                                2005

Sequence work for Tiger Aspect productions on the Rhino Auctions in South Africa. Shot on HDV

Location: South Africa.

PACE: Pan African Conservation Education               Tusk Trust                                                                   2005

Cameraman for this series of educational films for African communities.  A Tusk Trust initiative sponsored by Vodafone for distribution in Africa. Shot on Digibeta.

Location: South Africa, Zambia.

‘SWAMP CATS‘                                                          Afriscreen Films                                                 2003,2004

Principal cameraman (shot 80%) on an Afriscreen Productions film for the BBC ‘Natural World’ series.

Filming on Super 16mm Film.

Location: Okavango Delta, Botswana.

Trans World International                                        True Nature Films                                                        2004

Features for TWI in South Africa and Kenya for ‘Road to Athens’, ‘Futbol Mondial’ and ‘Trans World Sport’. Shot on Digital Betacam. Broadcast on Channel 4 in UK, and to 80 countries worldwide.

‘A JOUNRNEY THROUGH KAFINDA CHIEFDOM‘          True Nature Films                                                        2003

A film on natural resource conservation for the communities surrounding Kasanka National Park in Zambia.

‘DEEP JUNGLE‘                                                         Granada Wild                                                              2003

S16mm and thermal camera sequence work on fruit bats in Zambia for Granada Wild, UK.


‘THE FLOODED DESERT‘                                           Wild Logic                                                                    2003

Two High Definition films for NHK Japan and PBS. Produced by Wild Logic/Tim Liversedge Productions. Shot on Sony 750HD. (Shot 90% of Great Thirstland.)

Location: Kalahari and Okavango Delta, Botswana.

‘HUNTING HOUNDS OF ARABIA‘                                Wildlife Films Botswana                                                2002

A documentary on the Arabian Saluki by Wildlife Films for National Geographic.

Shot on Super 16mm Film.

Location: United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Syria, Morocco, Egypt and South Africa. (Shot 95%)

‘A WILD DOG’S STORY‘                                             Afriscreen Films                                                           2001

Second unit cameraman on this documentary for the BBC’s Natural World series.

Shot on Super 16mm Film.

Location: Gomoti and Moremi, Botswana.

Wildlife Films Botswana                                                                                                                                2001

A documentary about the rehabilitation of an island before development of a luxury lodge.

Locations: North Island, Seychelles.

‘RIVER OF PLENTY‘                                                   Londolozi Productions                                                 2000

Cameraman for this 52-minute film on the wildlife of the South Luangwa in Zambia.

Shot on Super 16mm.

Location: South Luangwa, Zambia.

WET AND WILD‘                                                       Londolozi Productions                                                 2000

Cameraman for Londolozi Productions in association with Explore International for this Super 16mm film about the endangered wetland areas of Kwa Zulu-Natal, South Africa.

‘ROAR: LIONS OF THE KALAHARI‘                             Tim Liversedge Productions                               1999&2000

A large format film about Lions living in the Kalahari in Botswana shot for Tim Liversedge Productions in association with National Geographic.

Shot on 35mm and 65mm Film. Richard shot 70% of the footage.

Location: Nxai Pan, Makadikadi pans, Botswana.

‘TRIUMPH OF LIFE‘                                                   Green Umbrella                                                           1999

Sequence work for this Green Umbrella production shot on Super 16mm in Botswana.

Channel 9, Australia                                                 Colin Fitzgerald                                                           1999

A documentary about the travels of Australian, Colin Fitzgerald, from South Africa to Kenya. Filmed on DVCam.

MAKGADIKGADI – SEA OF GRASS AND SODA‘             Tim Liversedge Productions                               1998-1999

A Tim Liversedge Production in association with Inter Lingual Television for Animal Planet and international distribution. Shot in Central Botswana on 35mm and Video.

A HERD OF THEIR OWN‘                                           Tim Liversedge Productions                                        1998

A Tim Liversedge Production for Inter Lingual and Animal Planet. A documentary on three orphaned elephants and their relationship with their human adopted family. Filmed on DVCam and Betacam SP in Botswana’s Okavango Delta.

Various productions                                                 Londolozi Productions                                        1996-1998

Shooting on Super 16mm for various films including ‘Perfect Mothers, Perfect Predators’, ‘The Mating Game’, ‘River Dinosaur’, ‘Horn vs. Claw’, ‘Brotherhood’ and ‘Jamu, the Orphaned Leopard’  (all distributed by Explore International).

Locations: Maasai Marain Kenya, the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, and Londolozi Game Reserve in the Eastern Transvaal, South Africa.

Various Productions                                                 Tim Liversedge Productions                                1994-1995

Filming in the Okavango Delta for stock library footage on Betacam SP. This entailed setting up special camera rigs on filming vehicles, boats, airboats, helicopters and aeroplanes. Constructed various sets for filming insects, snakes, birds etc, which had to resemble their natural habitat exactly.

Commercials/Corporates                                                                                                                    1992-1994

Freelanced in the film industry in South Africa as cameraman, camera assistant,  grip and location/transport manager on various TV commercials and corporate videos.

‘HAUNT OF THE FISHING OWL‘                                 Tim Liversedge Productions                                !990-1992

September 1990 - May 1992

Camera assistant to Tim Liversedge on this award-winning documentary shot in the ‘panhandle’ of the Okavango Delta.